Age: 20 min 30 min max cashback via Kuma
Child (<21 jr) 16,33 24,50 157,50 (<18 jr)
adult incl VAT 19,76 29,65 70,00 (>18 jr)
child group lesson 17,00 (pp) 122,50 (<18 jr)
adult group incl VAT 20,00 (pp)

There are lesson cards (10 lessons) or half or whole year cards. Adults pay VAT.
A trial lesson is 30 min and costs 20,-. 
* Cashback (English version) is possible for everyone (read) . Cashback is only possible at Centre Ceramique!
If your child wants to have lessons but you can't afford it ;see
You want lessons as a adult but don't have the means? Check